2010 Favorites of Families and Little Ones

I promised so I must deliver :) It can be really hard to look through a year's worth of work and pull out a batch of images. So again, I just chose some of the images that I have loved from this year - some happen to be client favorites and others have just become personal favs of mine. Makes me smile to think of how much some of these little ones have already grown since they have been in front of my camera! And if you are looking through this thinking "hey why didn't my beautiful family/child make this list" really it's only because I would run out of space. 

I am also looking for feedback on viewing images in the blog, I am trying just a simple watermark on this batch of images verses my custom banner - appreciate feedback. Is the watermark less distracting to the image than the banner? Just always working to make the best viewing experience for you the reader.

I am now booking 2011 sessions if you are interested, contact me, would love to work with you!