Friday Confessions

  1. I ate a huge & delicious pumpkin muffin from Dunkin Donuts yesterday and I have been dreaming all day about eating another one :)
  2. I am still plugging through "Eat, Pray, Love" - it's an interesting read, just no time to read this week!
  3. I am super excited for the upcoming Fall mini-sessions! (there are still a few spots, hint hint)
  4. I am dying to travel somewhere I can't speak the language and the money looks fake! I haven't left the states since my honeymoon...and my passport expires next month. I am going to renew it though, in case one of you fabulous people decide that you NEED me at your destination wedding!
  5. I have huge feet - size 10 or even 10.5 sometimes. Thank you Macy & Dean, they grew during pregnancy.
  6. I am totally scared of birds & snakes. Have I confessed this before? Don't know - but it's still true!
  7. Last week's yard sale finds included an awesome kids chair that I will be bringing to my fall mini-sessions.
  8. I have been driving around with a package in my car for over 2 weeks that I need to mail to my best friend. The post office is not a kid friendly place!
  9. Yesterday my kids got to each lunch with my grandparents, I love watching them interact. Having 4 generations in a room is amazing!
  10. Epic Mom Fail of the day - Macy has been having a rough day. A level 5 meltdown scream fit started during our errands today & lasted over 20 minutes. We were supposed to go to woodside creamery for a picnic with friends and ice cream - about 10 minutes into the drive I couldn't take the screaming and turned for home. I decided that whatever the meltdown was about, I didn't want it to continue there - we gave up our fun Friday plans. To be honest, it really bothered me too but decided to do what was best for the kids. We got home & I took her shoes off, put her in her high chair and started feeding her lunch and she started to calm down. That's when I noticed the slighthly red pinky toe. I touched her toe & sure enough the screaming started again - poor soul's toe was somehow bent when her shoe was on. Level 5 meltdown scream explained...sorry Macy, mommy still loves you!