Love is in the air, Alan & Nicole

Alan & Nicole have been friends of ours for quite some time now. In fact, I will tell an embarrassing story on myself. It was the first time that Alan & Nicole came over to our house for a game night with a few other friends. We were laughing and playing cranium I believe it was when I saw something scurry across the room. To my horror I realized it was a MOUSE!!! I screamed (I HATE HATE HATE mice) and then we proceeded to go to Acme for mouse traps at about 10pm. I was so embarrassed but it has come to be a funny story in our friendship. So what does this have to do with their wedding?? A whole lot of nothing other than we are the kind of friends who can look past each other's rodents (smile).

You might remember Alan & Nicole from their engagement session on the blog last winter. We had so much fun that day that we anticipated working together on their wedding day. Alan & Nicole had a beautiful outdoor ceremony over Labor Day weekend at Cavaliers Country Club and everything was absolutely beautiful, including the weather (it was the day after Hurricane Earl). Nicole is always a pretty girl but she was absolutely GORGEOUS on her wedding day. My camera couldn't get enough of her! I will let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves! Wishing you all the best Alan & Nicole!