Friday Confessions...Bieber and all!

I totally have Bieber Fever..."it's like baby baby baby" and my kids love to dance to him too!

I memorize songs from Yo Gabba Gabba and sing them randomly - if you're like "yo gabba whatta?" it's a kids show on nick jr that is totally freaky and awesome at the same time!

I love coupons, they're like free money

I had my first experience selling on craigslist this week and I think that I will do it again!

I used to love my dog a lot more before I had kids, he needs attention so if anyone wants to come take Dozer for a walk, let me know :)

I watched the Real Housewives of NJ reunion half hiding under a blanket this week because I didn't want to admit two things - 1. that I was actually watching it and 2. that they are actually that trashy!

I am sold my digital Rebel this week to a friend - it's a little bit monumental because it was my first digital SLR camera but I am excited for it to get a new lease on life with someone who wants to learn the art of photo :) yay for new beginnings!

I skipped right to the "fall" smell yankee candle in my house, I am ready!

Forever 21 and I have a new love affair, it's really a good thing that I can't really go in there with kids or a stroller - keeps me honest :)

I hate when my babies are sick, makes for a long week for us all!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and stay safe!