Labor Day & the art of doing nothing

If you are like me you occasionally wonder about the history of an American holiday or two. I was curious about the beginnings of labor day and do what all Americans do..googled it. Here's what one site had to say, "Labor Day is an annual holiday observed on the first Monday in September to celebrate the economic and social achievements of laborers which consists of most of us. It represents an annual national tribute to the contributions we as laborers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country."

In honor of Labor day most of us think of relaxing, at pools, at picnics, and anywhere else lazy. I personally saluted our country's laborers by dipping in a swimming pool, reading a book, playing with my kids and a brief nap in a hammock. It was fantastic but it somehow struck me as the complete opposite of being industrious. If you know me though, I have a hard time being idle (unless the Real Housewives of someone's county are on :). It's good for me to relax a bit. The book I was reading was Eat, Pray, Love - yes I hopped on that bandwagon late but am enjoying the read. Liz Gilbert talks briefly about the Italians being good at "the art of doing nothing" or in their language "l’arte di non fare niente." Today I embraced a bit of that Italian spirit and relaxed with the best of them! Hope you all did the same!