Monday confessions

1. I almost forgot about iced coffee Monday! I am hoping to get it on my way to class :)

2. Looking forward to viewing my students projects today about the fall season!

3. My dog barks WITHOUT FAIL as soon as I get all 3 kids sleeping...makes me want to kill him. Seriously...he's barking right now and I just got all 3 down. (But I just checked, not his fault, stray kids running all through people's yards!)

4. Made it to the gym today which is no small feat with 3 kids in tow! I would just like to say to all of you in your cute, matching gym outfits - please don't be jealous of my gym shorts and my husbands XL t-shirt that didn't even match!

5. Photographed a beautiful beach wedding this past Saturday, can't wait to share some images with you soon! Again, hope to be posting more of my fall sessions this week! Hold me to it friends :)

I am really boring today... a regular mom who is tired, has a constant mess to clean up after her kids, a bit of a headache and is tired of her toddlers not listening to a word she says! Pray for my sanity :) Have a great Monday!