Monday Confessions

First of all, none of you yelled at me for not posting pictures last week! Oh well, it's my fault and not yours :) It's fun to point fingers though isn't it?! Life throws curve balls at us all the time so things don't always go according to plan. Here's what I confess...

1. I have yet to EVER use my Canon 5D for video! Shame on me...I know...but I am just not a video girl.

2. I am currently working on a photojournalism lesson/assignment for my class this week - I was checking out amazing work on the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) website. Check it out if you have a few minutes and want to be inspired or saddened as the case may be. Some amazing work is produced and some very sad stories are all told through the lenses of these photojournalists.

3. I am currently loving listening to Lady Antebellum, can't get enough of them!

4. I enjoyed a free Dunkin' Iced Coffee today, French Vanilla cream & sugar. How do you like yours?

5. I need super nanny. All the books in the world aren't cutting it with my twin two-year olds! I need Jo Jo! I think that everything sounds better in British accent anyway!

6. Someone dropped the cutest bucket-o-fun on our doorstep over the weekend. It's a cute little pumpkin bucket saying "you've been booed." So thanks to whoever "booed" us & we will attempt to return the favor.

7. My daughter is 2 year 3 months and VERY attatched to her pacifier. Dean actually never really wanted one until we had Max, now he is attached to having it in his bed at night as well. Suggestions for getting rid of it?

8. They say that the way Michangelo created a sculpture was he found a great peice of marble and "saw" the figure trying to get out. He would carve the marble into the figure he imagined living within the rock. Why am I telling you this? I keep working out looking at my current self, praying that something beautiful and statuesque will surely appear eventually!

9. I seriously get more magazines right now than I have time to read! I get Parentlng, Real Simple, Us Weekly (freebie that somehow keeps coming?!), and Woman's Day (another freebie). I miss my old interior design mags like Domino and Cottage Living - the economy killed them, among other things.

10. I have taken a new liking to talk radio. Seriously, send my AARP membership now :) I love listening to Dave Ramsey especially, so inspiring! He gives such encouraging advice on how to use our money for our good.

Hope you all had a great Monday! I will attempt to post photo work this week, hold me to it!