Halloween Confessions!

Happy Halloween to everyone! It's already been a busy day around here! How about you? Well here's my thoughts on some Halloween happenings....

1. Breaking news if you haven't heard, Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce this morning from Kris Humphries. Only 72 days into marriage, I am sure that there are a lot of us that might have had a tough first year of marriage but didn't go that route! Sad for them and it's still proving that money can't buy people happiness!

2. We went to a celebrity themed Halloween party over the weekend. The hubs & I went as individual costumes, he as Steve Jobs and I as Lindsay Lohan, the mugshot version (hence the face in the pic). In this pic we are with the clear winners of the "couple costume" category - they made a fabulous Russell Brand & Katy Perry!

3. We carved our pumpkins with the kids yesterday. I had one of those little pumpkin carving kits which promises "you can make awesome pumpkin like a pro with these cheap little tools" - so not the case! I let Dean choose what I carved so he chose the "spoooky spookies" also known as ghosts :) Matt did the face on the right!

4. I am officially a huge new fan of Pinterest. I totally tried to avoid joining for the last 5 months as the invite sat in my inbox for fear of addiction. It is super easy to get addicted to this online inspiration board! Makes me want to go search for inspirations. If you are on Pinterest, follow me & I will return the favor!

5. Dean has been saying "twick or tweat" to anyone who will listen today in order to get "tandy!" He & Macy will be Woody & Jesse with Max being Bullseye the horse tonight :) Will attempt to post pics!

6. Have you tried the snickers peanut butter squares yet?! I love them, of course I need to hold off on eating too many. What's your favorite candy? Aka, what will you steal from your kids bags of candy after bedtime tonight?!

7. My mom was a sewer and always made my costumes and we used to beg her to "be like normal people and buy our costume at the store." I feel like a bit of a mom failure right now for buying my kids costumes from the store this year but hey, I have three kids under the age of 3! I did wait for the costumes to go half price and I had a coupon on top of that, so I was at least thrifty. One of my most memorable costumes my mom made was a "tube of toothpaste" -sorry don't have a photo to post. What's one of your most memorable costumes?

8. Kids have been sick with colds so we are off to the doctor for a Halloween visit. It's been long enough that I am worried about ear infections. I think that there should be a mom class on how to use one of those ear light thingies to look in your kids ear to diagnose an ear infection :) It's one of those illnesses that can have all different symptoms or no symptoms and still make your kid miserable!

9. I think I need to cut myself off from facebook more. It's just so easy to hop on and see what's going on "out there" but it's way to easy to waste time or to be overly affected by things people post. It could have nothing to do with me but I might start thinking about it or mull it over...I have plenty of things I need to mull over myself and probably don't need to insert myself in other's business. Am I weird? Thoughts?

10. We are in the middle of lots of life decisions. I will share as I see fit but definitely think of us in your prayers (and no I am not pregnant, thankyouverymuch!) :) 

Happy Halloween and have a great Monday!