Strange Happenings... Halloween!

Snow on pumpkins isn't really a normal occurance for us here in the Mid-Atlantic. It was a little freaky and left most of us wondering about what type of winter is to come. We had to wipe the ice and snow off our pumpkins over the weekend in order to carve them! Just wanted to share with you a photo post about the last few days around our house, enjoy! 

*Side note - some of these are definitely not technically perfect, but they are more about moments. It kind of bummed me out that I didn't have time to get great shots on the fly - but that's life....sometimes the moments are more important than the technicalities!*

Dean admiring the "spooky spookies" - aka ghosts

Halloween 2011 - Enter Woody & Jessie (Poor Max ws sick and we didn't try to wrestle him into the horse costume after all, he happily wore a cute Halloween shirt and slept in his car seat :)


His costume was a little big and the boot thingies only lasted 60 seconds before removal for being too big and in his way of running around!

Can't believe they are both looking & smiling?! What?! That never happens...


They are saying "stick 'em up" in this one!

Can you even tell this sweet girl is sick?


I usually don't go for these type of treatments on photos because I am pretty much a purist but I feel like it's the perfect fit for this photo! "Yee-haw cowboy" as Dean would say while riding his stick horse (which was actually my stick horse as a kid:)


Hope you all had a great Halloween!