Monday Confessions


I am like every other mother right now....running around like a crazy fool with 3 kids in tow. We survived Target this morning with no incidents, it was amazing. It might have had to do with the large soft prtezel I fed the kids in bits as we went along or the fact that they are reminded that Santa is watching! The to do list is long, but it's delightful things like wrapping and making cookies, as well as not so fun things like business accounting (it is almost end of year you know...) So here goes for Monday!

1. One crush from last week is becoming a relationship...I purchased the 70-200mm lens second hand from a friend who is upgrading equipment. So excited to add it my arsenal!

2. My grandma knitted me a sweater last Christmas and I have been wearing it ALL THE TIME lately around the house. It's like getting a hug from your grandma all day while wearing a blanket, the best!

3. The twins have been loving watching the old Frosty the Snowman cartoon. They watch it with their full attention and the funniest thing is that they like to repeat lines from the movie. Their favorite line to repeat is "No money, no tickets" - it CRACKS me up! It's become a family joke that we just yell at random times.

4. I picked up an easy read to enjoy this time of year, Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One... enjoying it so far, a nice little escape from all that is going on for a few minutes here and there.

5. Max is seriously the sweetest thing...he just loves life and giggles at everything. It's fun to have a 6 month old at Christmastime!

6. M & D LOVE Christmas lights, so we have been taking a couple evening rides each week to go find lights. We found some great lights on Saturday night and then picked up a pizza. It's so fun to use the things of this time of year to bring your family together. Matt & I are enjoying Christmas with the twins especially because they "get it" and they are also easily impressed with things like lights!

7. Dean got a big boy hair cut on Saturday and it really hit me how much he's growing up. He also has been speaking in full sentences and tells me which way to drive. He knows where things are and tells me if I am not going the right way to Grandma's house!

8. Right now the twins have been in their cribs for over an hour and no sleeping is going on. I hear laughing, giggling, "jingle bells" and everything else coming from up there! I am just not ready to let naptime go....I blame Santa, they're way too excited to sleep!

9. Had a little inspiration today to create a Christmas card clothesline in our kitchen to enjoy the cards! We had a stack going in the middle of the table but it just wasn't as fun. I jsut used ribbon and cute little clothes pins for this creation!

It's not perfect though so if you don't see your card or your card is hiding, not to fear! We had to put a few up top that were too heavy for the line!

10. I have a few work related things going on, like book keeping, client products, and one more shoot for the year but will otherwise be taking time to spend with my family. I will check email regularly but please allow at least 48 hours for me to respond to any inquiries from now until the new year. I greatly appreciate your interest in my business, just need to make sure plenty of time is with the family & I get a holiday of my own from working! 

Have a great week everyone!