Christmas Confessions

I know it's Tuesday, but yesterday got away from me with family time so I will confess today!

1. The twins spent the night at Grandmas and it was eerily quiet here this morning just hanging out with Max. It's a nice novelty but I really do miss them when they are gone!

2. The hubs & I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night and it was great! It led to strange dreams though...

3. I decided this month I need to read a classic so I turned to my favorite, Jane Austen, and I think I will read Northanger Abbey for my amusement. I have this memory problem where I forget the endings to most books and movies, but it works out when i re-read things because its like new again!

4. I want to know why toys are so complicated these days?! I swear it takes just short of a machete to open the packaging. Then everything needs batteries, which of course are also in a screwed shut battery compartment, which requires a screwdriver to open. We got some leap frog stuff and forget it, it needs to get logged online through a computer to get it going! We needed Monday to assemble things, battery power things up and make the toys "do stuff." No wonder Dean always holds a toy and says "on" - even when it's not an "on" toy!

5. I am watching The Help right now and I love this movie! The book was even better. There's many lessons to be learned from this social commentary on days gone by but there's another lesson, don't give up. Did you know that the book was rejected over 45 times by publishers before finally being published? Here's the article. Good for Kathryn Stockett for believing in the story she had to tell enough to persevere!

6. My 30th birthday is only about 6 weeks away. Along with that thought and the new year, I think I need to get back on the health wagon. I did weigh myself yesterday, thankfully I had not gained any weight but I sure enough have some to lose!

7. I am not looking forward to taking the Christmas decorations down. They made our house so festive and to be honest, covered up for the fact that we have not yet really decorated our new digs. Guess I know what I will be doing in January!

8. My kids were spoiled rotten this Christmas by family and friends but I think the best thing they were given was time with family. They have spent time (or will spend time with soon) tons of family members over the week. I have so many rich memories of time with my family and I am so glad that they are surrounded by such fun and diverse people that love them to peices! What a blessing!

9. My favorite guilty pleasure this holiday season? Peanut butter cookies with Reese cups in the middle! YUM!

10. This is sad but I am ready for some shows to return, like Grey's Anatomy, where are you?!

Have a goos rest of the week!