A Beautiful Fall Wedding at Deerfield

Here's to a gorgeous fall wedding at Deerfield for a great couple. Vinnie and Diane are so much fun to be around and they have a great story! She would spy him out the windows and think "he sure is cute" and apparently the same thing was going on next door when he would look out the window at her. Diane and Vinnie started out as neighbors, but both kept debating how awkward it would be to date a neighbor. What if things went badly and you have to see him/her all the time? Still, they would each find excuses to need to see or talk to each other. Eventually they got over their fears and here we are at their wedding day. They are now husband and wife, after a gorgeous celebration! I have to say, I had a blast shooting this wedding, you can just tell by looking at them how genuine their love is and how much they each love life. Here's to Vinnie & Diane's big day!

And just incase anyone is wondering if I altered the eyes - Diane's eyes really are THAT blue & I did not edit them! And in case you were wondering, hair and makeup by Trilogy Salon & Dayspa. They do fantastic work!




And on another note, sorry for my blog delinquency. Moving and being sick have not been a good combination for productivity! I will say I have a full calendar coming up and look forward to posting more sessions soon! Have a great weekend!