Monday Confession..Chaos as always!

Well friends I don't even really know where to start today! It is winding down finally...just ate my dinner at 7:30 if that tells you anything about this day.

1. Thanksgiving is usually full of feasting and relaxing but ours was full of icky sickies and moving! Kids were all sick (will chat more about this in 2) and we were moving on Black Friday. Moving is certainly a type of upheaval to say the least. Eventhough you take your family and all your cherished posessions with you - you realize you will have no idea where half your stuff is for weeks :) We had WONDERFUL friends that helped us so much on Friday to get to our new house, we can't praise them enough! By Friday night everyone had a place to sleep and we had enough of the kitchen together that we knew we would eat :)

2. I have been at the pediatrician 4 out of the last 5 Mondays. Every Monday since Halloween with the exception of one, I have had a sick kid(s) at the doc if that tells you anything!

3. Today at the Doc, Mr. Dean decided to use his lightning fast feet to run from me in the waiting room, out the door of the practice and into the elevator! He was ready to go down & "push da buddon mommy." Oh you happened TWICE! He got away from the nurses station too while we were doing weights and measures. People, I cannot make this stuff up! On moving day he opened a car door while the car was in motion while my mom was watching him..oh yes, doors the were locked, he unlocked them first & then opened the door. Remember, he has lightning speed with all things naughty!

4. Remember how I was talking about getting rid of the pacifiers? Well, we tried a sneaky trick and told the kids they got lost on the way to new house. They only asked for them the first naptime....success!

5. Moving will also show you if you are a good housekeeper or not...I learned that I STINK at dusting. We found dust bunnies bigger than Macy and Dean under a few things...gross...I apparently need to revive my inner domestic goddess and get right on that!

6. Max was 6 months old yesterday. I cannot believe it, but he's just as sweet as he can be. I will be working on a photoshoot this week for him - he deserves it! He does at least now have his very own room :)

7. Christmas decorations just make me happy...except that I have been sweating while putting them up. What's up with the Ca-RAZY weather?! It was like 70 today! Here's what we've got going on at our house...we are so excited to have an actual mantel for our stockings!


8. Yesterday during naptime Matt & I decided to put up some christmas lights on our front bushes to surprise the kids. Matt purchased a timer with remote so you can just click the lights on from inside the house - some say lazy, I say genius! Anyhow, we wanted to pull up to the house & click on the lights at night to surprise the kids. We made the fatal mistake of going to look at the rest of the neighborhood's lights first. Apparently we live in the same type of neighborhood from Christmas with the Kranks because there were some amazing light displays. I am talking large Frosties, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Mickey & Minnie, Santa in a hot air balloon when we pulled in our driveway and our little white lights went on, the twins said "oh." LOL, Christmas light FAIL! We know better for next time, show them our boring little light show first and then move on to the rest of the 'hood!

9. I feel like a college kid instead of the instructor...class is winding down and I am ready for winter break! We have our final portfolio's due next week and they had their final projects due today. I have to say, the students came up with some great ideas, very pleased with their creativity today!

10. If you see more gray hair on my know why, I am leading a very full and busy life. One step at a time until the next confessions....