Monday Confessions

1. I am tired, it was a packed weekend and my pregnant body felt it.

2. I have had a hard time having patience today with M & D. They honestly are just being toddlers but things like Dean broke the closer on the screen door in the 60 seconds it took me to walk Macy to the car or they used crayons on furniture faster than I could catch them (I was RIGHT there coloring with them for heavens sake).

3. I miss my Grandfather, would've been his birthday today. I always loved sharing my birthday week with him & a cousin of mine, felt like more of a festival with all the birthdays than just a small celebration! He has been gone for just over 4 months now and the loss of his presence can still be a challenge. Through it all, I am still amazed at my Grandmother and her strength! She is one tough cookie and I love her for it!

4. I just read the Whittakers blog and couldn't stop crying - it made me rethink all of my impatience with M & D today. Huge dose of perspective on the brevity of life. Please join me in praying for this family!

5. Really can't believe I turn 29 this week, where has the last decade gone?! Other than the doctor last week, I am not regularly getting mistaken for a  19 year old anymore :) I almost have 3 kids, a minivan and a mortgage - the epitome of a "boring grown up."

6. Fergie definitely does not make a good Axel Rose.... if you don't know what I am talking about then you obviously weren't watching the super bowl.

7. I think I still hate the PS3, my husband was very excited this weekend and he murdered and destroyed in cyber land because it was a "double points weekend" where all that murdering and destroying earned him extra points! I told him I was going to have to make him a "Nerd Core" shirt soon if he keeps it up.

8. I just sat outside for about 15 minutes reading a book on my deck, while listening to all the snow melt & drop below, I was pretending it was spring and good things were around the corner :)

9. What was I reading you ask? Shepherding a Child's Heart - need some wisdom in dealing with the kids, balancing their acceptable toddler behavior with discipline for disobedience. I really often wish that parenting came with an instruction manual and a magic wand :)

10. Thankful for so many friends and family that regularly support me! I really couldn't survive every day without such great people in my life :) really...