Eric & Meghan Engaged!

Now I must say Meghan is one of those people that literally brings the sunshine with her. I mean it, she is 100% a genuine, happy person and has been a friend of mine for a long time now. Your cheeks hurt when you are around her because you can't stop smiling. We even got to work together for a time while I was in college. She got me a gig as a radio station mascot where she worked :) Oh yes people, I rocked a bear suit! J Bear to be exact for WJBR here in Wilmington, DE. Anyhow, I digress but we have had LOTS of fun together over the years. 

Meghan was taking classes for her MBA at the fabulous University of Delaware and this guy Eric kept sitting next to her. He would even start talking to her and "bothering" her, as Meghan put it. He finally asked her to coffee but she thought he just wanted to "steal her answers." She took him up on it and these days is rocking a little bling on her finger because of it. We had a blast strolling a bit of campus this past weekend, it was freezing but sunny for our shoot. We thankfully warmed up at the end with a great cup of coffee from Brew Ha Ha, the location of their first date (& also happened to be one of my fav spots on campus during all my time there!). Looking forward to it being warm on their August wedding day!


If you know Meghan, this is such a "Meghan face"  - Love it!

UD's famous "kissing arches" definitely had to make it in!

Warming up at Brew Ha Ha, reliving their first date (with the addition of their favorite pregnant photographer friend :) haha)