Monday Confessions

1. I am right now eating a lunch of leftover tea sandwiches (Go Grandma!) from a baby shower for my soon to be nephew, can't wait to meet him! I am also letting the kids eat while watching a video on the little dvd player.. :)

2. I about had a coronary when I just filled up my gas tank today..even at Wawa prices it was $65 to fill up my swagger wagon. I realize that we are spoiled here in suburban America, I might need to start carpooling to the grocery store!

3. I heard this morning that they are discontinuing Captain Cruch cereal due to it's high sugar content?! FO' REAL?!! Capt' Crunch is a childhood favorite of mine & really...I mean what about Reeses Puffs or Cookie Crunch or the Mini Cinnabon Cereal? One of those HAS to have Capt Crunch beat!

4. I didn't get out of bed until almost 8am today, thanks daylight savings for confusing my children, at least it worked in my favor today.

5. Last week I went a little crazy and decided to redecorate a powder room that I have hated since we moved in over 4 years ago. It was sort of just half done and had no style to it at all! I mostly just shut the door so I didn't have to look at it. We got done the destruction, got one coat of paint on the wall, changed out the cabinet hardware and took down the old mirror and light fixture...then the busy weekend hit. It was ignored and I am going to work this week on getting to a finished project! Will try to post pics of before and after..don't wait to be impressed though, it's just a small spruce up :)