News about Mini- Sessions

   So friends, I came to a tough realization this week. I am not super woman :) For those of you who might have already figured this out, thanks for letting me humbly come to this conclusion on my own! No really... I have some dissapointing news that I will not be offering mini sessions this spring. Here's why, I have a pretty solid calendar of regular shoots and 2 weddings between now and May 1. If you are following along with me, you know that I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and chasing my twin 20 month olds. We are also hoping to make an Easter week trip to North Carolina with the family before the baby comes. These factors do not really allow for spare time or extra energy so I am choosing to make the tough decision to honor the clients I already have booked and give them my full attention for now.

   I am still accepting a few more regular shoot slots on both Saturday April 9th and Saturday April 16th. April 16th I am shooting at University of Delaware's campus to catch all the gorgeous foliage in bloom and the always beautiful campus. If you are intersted, please shoot me an email,

I do hope to have more mini session shots either later in the summer or again in the fall. Thanks for understanding! I have a fun photo shoot coming up this weekend to support Children's Variety Network, fill you in on that later :)