Baby Cayden Newborn Shoot

It's really not fair, some babies are just pretty! Don't tell his Daddy I used that word but Cayden is just a pretty baby! I arrived after he was happily fed the other day and he was wide awake and ready to check out my camera. I do have to say that photographing newborns is not for the faint at heart, they are about as cooperative as a toddler that you tell "no." It's just unpredictable but this little man was a champ while he hung out in his diaper just letting me document all his sweetness :) He is just a week old in this pictures and you can see all the lovely little newborn details...his mama will cry over these someday when he's a teenager and doesn't want to hug her in public! Love getting to photograph these tiny ones! Excuse the plethora of images but I just couldn't choose so enjoy!