I love me a bargain

So make fun of my coupons ALL you want, they don't call me "coupon queen" for nothing! Want to hear what coupons did for me today? Well lets see, free pair of underwear in Victoria's secret, 30 % off in Gap where I got Macy an adorable spring dress with bloomers for $6.70, a FREE Carters boys summer 2 peice outfit for Deano in JCPenney ($10 JCPenney Cash coupon from mi madre), $10 off in Yankee candle because I needed a new spring sent & a car jar for the swagger wagon... I about broke a sweat today wheeling the twin double trouble stroller around the mall snatching up my bargains. Yes, I did still spend money (some of you like to point that out, thanks Matt) but I was able to do a considerable amount more with the amount I did have. Stretching your dollars with a growing family is a must! And if you saw my twitter last night I am about to get free iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts every Monday from now until April 25th, now if that doesn't deserve the happy dance, what does?!

I won't bore you with my wicked skills at the grocery store or my latest obession with amazon mom but I will also advocate for my good recent craigslist experiences. Two of my recent craigslist purchases turned into "it's a small world party" because both different occasions revealed we have mutual friends. One girl is a neighbor of friends and sold me a lovely unopened box of Huggies Diapers for $10 (this is a $40 box of diaper people!) and then she booked a photo shoot with me - I LOVE IT! Yesterday I had a date to go look at little girls clothing in a nearby neighborhood only to reveal that the mom selling is a good friend of my good friend, we had just never met. I got some GREAT second hand clothes for Macy at a fraction of the price. If you saw her today in her little Nike track suit and pig tails you would never know her whole outfit cost me $3. :)

I say all this to encourage you to try to pinch a penny and find a deal on things that you already need to buy! That's the key...don't just buy to buy...only buy items that are already on your "need" list.

If you are needing any clothing, Gap/OldNavy/BananaRepublic are doing their Give & Get 30% off this weekend! Go here for the coupon! If you are heading to the movies, Regal Cinemas is doing a free small popcorn this weekend!  Coupons are your friend, friend!