Monday Confessions

Remember those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, so I am not tossing any :) Here's a glimpse inside my glass house today...

1. Almost totally forgot about free iced coffee Monday with my little magical card to Dunkin Donuts, must fix this later today!

2. I let my kids run with sticks.

3. Went shopping at DSW this weekend with my mama (she was crowd control for the twins)... I got one pair of shoes for $34.98 and the other for FREE with my $20 coupon! Both are awesome shoes & both were off the clearance rack. I checked the original prices, got $130 worth of shoes for that $34.98 - don't hate on the coupons!

4. Putting clean sheets on a crib is hard enough, try with a  7 month prego belly...comical!

5. I have raised my voice today with my kids...working on that though. I really love when Dean now "tells on himself" - I hear him saying "no, no" when he's doing something he KNOWS he shouldn' when he ripped Macy's barette out of her hair and then shoved it in his mouth so I wouldn't see.

6. I used to love my dog, he was my favorite & first we are more like former best friends who still have to hang out in the same circle of friends but had a falling out. He looks at me longingly like "will you ever love me again"'s sad really but I am busy keeping barrettes out of mouths!

7. NOT a fan of the Housewives of Miami - anyone with me on this? Just can't get into it.

8. I just started reading Water for Elephants last night, I will let you know how I like it. I hope to see the movie too but I don't know if I can handle Robert Pattinson as anyone other than Edward Cullen...we shall see! (**Jacob - I accidentally typed "Jacob Cullen" - you can tell who I have on the brain..haha)

9. Just got the  Passion album "Here for You" & the Hillsong United's "Aftermath"  -  I am digging both of them. If you need to pick up your spirit a bit, they will both turn your thoughts and hearts towards the things of God.

10. My husband and I had a huge debate yesterday (on the way to church of course) about the usage of helmets on small children. I, of course, as the mother agreed children should definitely wear helmets while riding bikes, skateboarding, and even probably sledding. My argument, why would you ever chance having a child with head trauma?! My husband's argument was something about the government intervening too much in our lives...come again honey?! Love you Matt :) Life's tough, our kids are wearing helmets!