Not too late to confess...

You didn't think I forgot did you?! Today was a gorgeous busy Monday so better late than never!

1. I became an aunt today! Trevor Owen-Elder Frey was born today at 11:27am. He was 8lbs and 20 inches long. I got there in time this afternoon to see his first bath and snuggle him a bit. So happy for my big brother & his new family! As much as "Auntie Em" could sound cheesy, I think it has a nice ring to it!

2. Definitely remembered today that it was free iced coffee Monday at Dunkin! French vanilla on the rocks, yum!

3. It was SOOO nice out! The kids and I did lots of outside things like the park, blowing bubbles with our new bubble wands from walmart, taking a walk in the was super and did I mention that they watched less than 15 minutes of TV all day..this huge since this winter we were stuck in so much!

4. I am busy with editing and all kinds of good business stuff but I took a time-out for some sunshine on my deck while reading Water for Elephants, I am getting close to done!

5. We went to ChickFila kids night tonight on our way home from visiting the new baby. You can't beat free dinner, balloons, a clown and ice cream :) Again..don't mention the nutritional information.

6. I am learning a lot about parenting lately. It can be so joyful and also so stressful a the same time. Having a boy and a girl of the exact same age is interesting, they are so different. I am having to learn how to love, lead, teach, and discipline them. It's a challenge!

7. I am almost 32 weeks with number 3, can't believe in 8 short weeks we will have another little Troutman! really starting to wonder who is in there :)

8. Got to watch the movie Tanlged this weekend, I thought it was cute and my kids enjoyed it. A girl always loves a good fairy tale that ends happy!

9. Kids got to meet the Easter bunny at the mall...Dean loves bunnies and learned a few weeks ago that they "hop.'  As soon as he saw the large bunny at the mall he was screaming and pointing "Hop, Hop, Hop" and couldn't wait to get over there. Of course Easter has a very significant spiritual meaning in our home that really doesn't have to do with a bunny and our children will learn all about that with each passing year. I just enjoyed seeing them smile while encountering this larger than life bunny! Macy liked him a whole lot better when she wasn't on his lap :)

10. Easter Bunny Photo for your enterainment-