Monday..time to confess

1. Totally just ate a hot dog with coke for lunch at Costco...hit the spot..remember don't judge me :)

2. Got a free $20 gift card today from target just for creating a baby registry!

3. Ants are attacking at our house, is this happening to anyone else?!

4. I had an amazing experience on Friday being a part of a workshop in NYC with Kamee June Photography. We had a model and stylist with us to create a fun atmosphere to photography on the NYC streets. If you haven't ever been to NYC in spring, you really should go! Trees were in bloom and everything was picturesque. Thanks to NYC Freshman, Gentry, for being our model and to Katrina Kirk for styling. It was a great day of shooting and friends! Plan to blog some shots from the shoot later this week for those who haven't already peeked on facebook!

5. I was suprised beyond belief yesterday when some friends threw me a baby shower for number 3! I REALLY was not expecting a thing because I am having 3 kids in two years and people were already SO generous when the twins came! I was SO TOUCHED and everything was beautiful - the theme of the shower was diapers, which was perfect because we will definitely need them with 3 booties in diapers at once! My awesome aunt tallied and we landed somewhere over 2100 diapers for our family! Thanks friends!

6. We are going on vaction Saturday, I have a ton of work to do but have vacation brain! It dawned on me this morning as I was peeling my eyes open that I now have to pack for this wonderful beach vacation. We are heading south with my hubby & his family for a last little getaway before baby arrives!

And on that note I am going to get back to other photography related tasks while the kids nap, I like to leave for a trip with all those loose ends tied up!