Kickin' it with Kamee, NYC style

Spring sunshine, the energy of New York, and joining up with other creatives to go on a styled photo shoot...I literally had to pinch myself last Friday. When I originally heard about this workshop, I didn't know what April 15th would hold for me being between 7 & 8 months pregnant so I decided not try to sign up. I got introduced to the work of Kamee June Photography through my friend Rhonda. Well Rhonda heard some spots opened up and invited me along, boy am I glad she did! I knew that I might get tired after walking lots or have to make ridiculous amounts of potty stops but I was game as long as everyone else didn't mind having a prego along. The experience was even better than I imagined... getting to shoot all over the streets of NYC on a beautiful spring day while being inspired by all the creativity around me was such a refreshing change from my daily mommy life!

We were given a little story to go with our shoot... girl meets boy... girl and boy are supposed to be meeting up for special tryst...girl leaves apartment ready and beautiful ready to meet up with her love...heads to the train station...waits, waits, and waits some more....realizes boy isn't coming...heartbreak.

Special thanks to Kamee June for hosting the workshop, Katrina Kirk for styling and Gentry for modeling for us! both Kamee and Katrina have fun blogs you should check out after you look at mine :)

Enjoy the eye candy from the day! 

Gentry works it on the steps of a beautiful brownstone and I loved how this guy walked by at the perfect time with the perfect tie to play off Gentry's pretty blouse. 

Ahh youth and beauty! Only to be a college freshman again! This California girl has been braving the streets of NYC to get her education at NYU and I have to say she was a good sport with the chill in the air!

Loved her boots...

Great Styling by Kat...


The Famous Grand Central...

Loved how the light wrapped around her stiletto to create a perfect silhouette.