Dear T3

Dear “T3”-

 I am writing this late on a Wednesday night and you are supposed to be born this Friday morning if all goes according to plan.  “T3” or “Troutman 3” is your nickname you’ve been given while you have been growing in my belly. We have to say that you were a bit of a surprise to us from the beginning, but always a good surprise! We decided to stay with the “surprise” theme and wait until your birthday to find out who you are. Your daddy and I have gone back and forth about all sorts of names…hopefully by the time you can read this you don’t hate us for any name choices :) YOU will most likely laugh and be thankful for the names that have been ruled out!  We really can’t wait to meet you and see what you will bring to our family.

You have a great big brother and sister waiting to meet you. They have been testing out all the baby gear around the house to make sure it’s good for your arrival and they daily point to my belly and say “baby.” I don’t think that they really understand that you will be here to stay but they will get it eventually. Our life is full of lots of fun, family, love, and hard work. I am sure you will fit into it all very well and round out our clan. I admit though, I hope you are a tough cookie - you have twin siblings just two years older than you that will probably do all sorts of things to you when I am not looking!

You are coming into our lives at sort of a crazy time. I (Mommy) just lost her daddy 3 weeks ago and unfortunately you will never get to meet your Grandpa Mark but I promise to tell you many stories of the man he was. Your only cousin so far is Trevor and he is just 7 weeks older than you so he will be great company for you in life I am sure. You are coming into a big family with lots of people to love you and they all can’t wait to meet you!

This very week you were born many things have happened in the United States both history and pop culture related. Unfortunately this week there have been horrific tornadoes all through the Midwest that have been the worst in decades. We have certainly had our own mix of crazy weather here in DE lately too.  Gas & milk are each close to $4 per gallon, which is pricey!  Oprah Winfrey did her last show today after a 25 year run on a talk show. Scotty McCreery won season ten of American Idol (a singing show) tonight and as I write this the Phillies are tied 4-4 with the Reds… all kinds of crazy and fun things going on in the world that you are about to enter. We are really just praying for your safe and healthy arrival at the end of this week. May you know that God has had a plan for you from the beginning “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16…we really can’t wait to meet you! I can't wait to see your sweet face, snuggle you close and of course, take your picture!


 your mommy