T3 is Max!

Hey blog friends! In case you didn't hear the news via facebook, twitter, or my proud husband, we welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world on Friday morning at 10:01am. He weighed in at 8lbs 2 ozs (the first scale said 7lbs 14 ozs but that was debated and later retracted) and he was 19.25 inches long.

Maxwell Owen Troutman is his full name and a few have asked how we came up with the name. Maxwell is my mother's maiden name and unfortunately there are so many girls on that side of the family that the last name gets knocked off marriage by marriage :) We love the name and were hoping to keep it alive with our sweet boy (That's for you Poppop!). Owen is my father's middle name and we have always liked it as well. In fact, when we were naming Dean we were back and forth between Mark & Owen for his middle name. I am thankful that now both my boys will now have a peice of my dad in their names.

Max has a full head of dark hair, which is entirely different than Macy & Dean who were born baldies. He has been pretty happy and easy going, which we hope is a good indication of who he will be at home. Max is sweetly sleeping by my side now....


Thanks for all the well wishes, prayers and thoughts coming our way. He truly is a blessing and through all we have been through in recent weeks, he reminds us that God is good. Oh..for those that are curious... Macy instantly loved Max giving him kisses and saying "hi baby." Dean was a lot more unsure of him but he did say "Max" and gave him a kiss before he left! Here's to our family of five!