Max, One week old!

Ok so this is sort of a "fad idea" right now but I think it's a super one - take a picture of your baby every week of his or her first year! I am going to attempt it and even if I do miss a week here or there, Max will still have a decent record of his first year of life. I am already feeling a little worried about the "third child" issues that people joke about so I am trying my best to give Max his own little traditions. I am sure that it will be especially hard to be the third kid after a set of twins...anyway, I digress.

This idea is robbed from a design and style blog I like - Young House Love.

So here is to Max's first week of life! I keep calling him the "dream baby" and he pretty much is. Thank the Lord, who knew I needed a sweet little easy-going bundle of love :) And yes, Max is really giving Donald Trump a run for his money in the goofy hair category...