Monday Confessions

1. I just ordered stuff for my twins SECOND birthday! Is that even possible?! Two Years old already...I guess by the steady stream of "no" and defiance at our house I should realize this...but Macy & Dean started out even smaller than Max, which is even hard for me to remember. And who knew that in just two short years of the twins birth God would've added another sweet boy to our family?!

2. Yes, I allowed the hospital photographer to take pictures of Max (I didn't with the twins, I was too crazy and still delusional about what I could accomplish while caring for infant twins) and YES I am even purchasing a print of one image. What does this prove? There are great photographers everywhere - never be too proud to allow someone else to help capture your life moments! In fact, plan to invest at least annually on a photo shoot for your family!

3. Max is being such a good baby - part of it is that he's a laid back go-with-the flow kind of kid & the other part is that I have half a clue of how to care for a newborn. Lets hope this is really his personality for the long haul!


4. Enchiladas for dinner made for a long night last night for both Max & I, sort of forgot that what I eat he eats :) TMI? my apologies! you want me to confess these things right?!..Got him down this morning just in time for M & D to be in their cribs saying "dada, mama"

5. I am actually really looking forward to a trip to Target today! It's funny that routine errands become a fun outting when you are home nursing a newborn & your life revolves on a feeding schedule.

6. My hubby is off today and I am sad that he goes back to work again tomorrow. We love having him around more & he's been a major help rangling the twins. He's been making days fun for them because Mommy still can't even pick them up.

7. We forgot about our dog yesterday and left him outside for like 4 hours before one of us rememebered. He doesn't tolerate heat well so he usually isn't out for that long at a time. Luckily it was a beautiful day! Sorry Doz!

8. Macy just walked over to me wearing my nursing cape that I wear when nursing in front of others..had to laugh. Sorry for any male readers and the abundance of nursing bad...

9. I have really been missing my Dad. Of course you always miss a family member when they are gone, but it's especially hard when there's something so big to celebrate like a new baby. I am mostly sad that Max will only know my dad through my memories and he won't get taught things by him personally. My dad was a great teacher of all sorts of things....everything from math times tables to how to properly handle and care for a firearm. I will attempt to do him proud and teach these kids everything he taught me.

10. Today is my mother in laws birthday (& she is one of my consistent blog readers :) - so I want to say Happy Birthday Christi/Grandma! I know that there are a world of "mother in law jokes" out there but I have to say that I am truly blessed by my "MIL". We are so grateful to have her as a second Mom to me and a Grandma to my kids. Christi especially is always hospitable, generous to a fault, and very patient with most things - especially my kids! She has loved me from day one and for that I am so thankful. Christi, I hope you have a wonderful day! Can't imagine our lives without you!