Monday Confession

1. I have a new dryer after two weeks! I have to thank my friend and neighbor, Steph, and my mother-in-law for the usage of their dryers to keep us going! We got a good deal on a brand new dryer but had to wait for delivery...I keep telling myself it's all good - if I was Amish I would have to wash it by hand and hang it out to dry! I am a fan of modern appliances :)

2. My hubs is the best, he's letting me go get a much needed pedicure tonight once kids go to bed!

3. I am glad to be back to work, so to speak. I never really felt "off" but I am back in the mostly full swing of things with photography. This week I will start posting photo sessions again!

4. I know I am behind on Max's weekly - working on that!

5. I am reading a very convicting book about being a mother with little ones called, Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic. It comes from a biblical perspective but I believe it yields wisdom for everyone. So much about being a mother is our perspective and our own attitudes! We definitely don't want to hear that but it's very true.

6. My 2 yr old daughter locked me out today while I already had one kid in the car while it was running. She locked the glass storm door which we rarely lock. She was looking up at me with her big blue eyes somewhere between laughter and tears once she realized I was stuck on the outside looking in. Thankfully I had a way back in after unsucessfully trying to coach her how to unlock the door! SO I had to refer to the book I talked about in confession number 5...perspective and humility....I couldn't freak out but had to gently explain to her the error of her ways!

Ok friends..that's all for tonight!