Maxwell Week 5 & Tuesday Confessions....

Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July celebrating our United States of America! I am treating today like Monday because it feels like it to me!

Here's Max's week 5 photo from last week...time is passing quickly and his is growing so fast! He is much bigger at his age than the twins were. Max is blowing right through Dean's old wardrobe :)



A few confessions for this week...

1. I really need to get on the "get in shape plan" because I am now about to reach the 6 week post-baby mark. I realized I better start dropping some pounds or I will be stuck in maternity clothes forever...not cool! I am working through my envy of all you ladies out there that wear you own pre baby jeans after like 4 weeks and dont even look like you had a baby!

2. I decided I need to do some summer reading here and there for pleasure to keep my mind sharp. I am in the sleep deprived mama stage and reading is a good easy way to keep from feeling like my mind is total mush. I am still working through some parenting books but just finished up a novel, The Island by Elin Hildebrand . It was a good, quintessential summer read about a family and their relationships, set in beautiful Nantucket. If you are going on a trip or need something to read by the pool, it's perfect!

3. The next pleasure read is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I am only a few pages in and I am totally enjoying the southern vernacular! Nothing like "puttin' it like it is!" I know that they are making this into a movie that will be released shortly so this might be a 'read with your girlfriends and then go to the movie together' type read.

4. I am eating a leftover hot dog for much for the dropping the pounds for now.

Enjoy your week everyone, that's all I have for the moment! And's Tuesday already :)