Monday Confessions, Early Edition

First thanks to my wonderful designer hubby who gave my homepage a MUCH needed facelift over the weekend! Hopefully you enjoy the look of the new slideshow! Now time to confess..

1. I  came to the realization at a wedding this weekend that I am super bad at eating chicken off the bone. I just don't exactly know what to do with it. I think of guys like my Grandpa who could eat a peice of fried chicken down to a bare bone...just don't have that talent!

2. My mom & stepdad went to a Journey concert this past Saturday in Jersey. Everything about that makes me smile...told my mom on her way out the door that her hair just wasn't big enough for that venue :) Don't Stop Believin'!

3. "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." - I got to see "The Help" last week on opening night thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law. It was such a great movie in my opinion, not just because it stuck fairly close to the book, but because it made me consider so many things about human life. It's a great story of love, loss, injustice and American history!

4. Our fifth wedding anniversary was on Friday. My sweet hubby surprised me with a wonderful gift of a spa day in the near future! I really can't wait! We also went to a lovely dinner at Cafe Gelato. It was such a nice night we even dined outside! Not only was it delicious, but we enjoyed the luxury of eating a hot meal and not having to get up once to help a little person! We also drove around with the Jeep top down like the old days when we were dating...good times

5. I am getting a haircut on Thursday and I really cannot wait. I am thinking about changing it up a little! My hair has gotten so long and I have no time to do anything to it...need a change!

6. I am ready for fall weather! Will be working on setting up a mini-session schedule so keep an eye out!

7. I hate trying to lose weight and have been struggling with it. It feels impossible to get any time to myself to even attempt working out and I am not sure that I can run with a triple stroller...need to figure this out and keep moving forward.

8. My mini-van is just flat out scary inside. To all the other moms out there who swore you would never have a scary mini-van...I am with ya!

9. I need to start seeing my chiropractor again - I feel all out of alignment!

10. Here's a sneak peek from a session this past best friend and her family were in town this week all the way from of course we had to squeeze in a session!


 Have a great week everyone!