Catastrophic Confessions....

I am only calling the the catastrophic confessions because if you live in my part of the country it's been a crazy weather week! So here goes..

1. Endured my first earthquake while staring at my 2 yr old son, as we both stood frozen and trying to figure out why our house was shaking! Macy cried from her crib, I was in the middle of putting them down for nap. It was a super weird feeling and I am glad it wasn't worse because I didn't react in the right way at all. It was like my feet were stuck to the floor trying to figure out what was going on.

2. We had a little Hurricane this past weekend that resulted in a few things...

  • sleeping in our basement for an evening, thank goodness it's a finished basement!
  • bailing out a sump-pump manually when the power went out
  • praying that trees wouldn't fall on our house
  • being stuck in the house for days at a time...all in all not much to complain about!
  • dean singing "raining, pouring" for hours on end while begging to go to the pool?!

3. My 2yr twins think that the ice cream man is really the "music truck" :) This is a little mama white lie that saves me from them begging for ice cream everytime we hear him coming. Eventually the cat will be out of the bag and we will have to start saving our quarters for those firecracker ice pops but until then I will enjoy Dean's little song where he sings "music truck, music truck."

4. Matt (the hubs) decided to try to fly our kite in the hurricane winds yesterday...hilarious ending when he lost control and the kite flew away hitting a shed, a playhouse and a few other things before landing about 3 football fields away in someone's embarassing and hilarious!

5. Max weighs 17lbs at 3 months, NFL anyone?! I will try to post his pics later or tomorrow!

Ta-ta for now friends!