Max & Confessions!

So I know it's Tuesday but it FEELS like Monday! It definitely helped to wake up to some cool fall weather...

1. We had a long night and I was up a lot. When I am this tired I need to remind myself that it's a privelege to  be a mother!

2. I am reading Organized Simplicity, great concepts for running a home and a good philosophy for living a life free of clutter - both literally and metaphorically. 

3. I am also reading a WWII tale, Unbroken, which is a true story. Sometimes the true story is the hardest part...and maybe I shouldn't reading about Japanese military attacks in the middle of the night, leads to scary dreams - but that is exactly it - the generation of men that lived through is a dying breed and i am sure their dreams were a lot worse. It makes me think often of my Grandfather Frey, who was a WWII veteran and passed away almost a year ago already. So thankful for all those who have served our great country!

4. I got up and baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, was in the mood for a yummy treat that the kids might actually eat! 

5. We failed with Max for week 12 so here's week this sweet kid, even when he doesn't sleep.... he was feeling the animal print and bulldog theme :) And yes, he's wearing 6 to 12 mos clothes at 3 mos old!




Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday!