Monday Confessions.. early edition

1. We are getting less sleep with a 14 week old than when we had a 6 week old! Something is up with this kid and he's keeping us up at night...Matt is my hero though, he took Max last night so that I could get a good stretch of sleep! I think lack of sleep can sometimes be the hardest thing about parenting little ones!

2. I bought my kids the light up sneakers with characters on them...never thought I would be "that mom" but hey, they love them and happily wear them! Never underestimate things that make a 2 yr old compliant!

3. I know my photo blogging has been a little sparce but it's not that I don't have work to blog - it's the opposite! I have been so busy that I need to get to it! Hope to share some wedding work with you this week!

4. My mom got me Pumpkin Spice K cups and they have been a source of morning joy for me over the last week! It really is the small things...

5. Yesterday on my way to a photo shoot I listened to Boston, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Katy Perry...I like to mix it up :) Got there with a smile on my face ready to work!

6. I want the humidity to go away and I see the forecast is calling for some nice fall weather later this week. I am really ready to be done with sweating! Every time I get somewhere with my kids, I am sweating by the time I get them there. Never understimate the workout it is to get 3 kids in and out of the car, car seats, getting the stroller out, etc... I sometimes think about it and change my mind on even going anywhere!

7. I don't get the whole "Dancing with the Stars" thing...never have gotten into it...basically D list celebrities shaking their bon bons for approval!

8. Yesterday (9/11) had me thinking about where I was during the college, walking to my classes  and had no idea that the world was falling apart and changing forever. I walked through the student center and learned of the attacks. It was eerily quiet in the student center that day....

9. My son is learning tons of new words and he proudly yelled "shut up" to his baby brother during a crying fit over the weekend. My jaw dropped and I fought the urge to laugh. I asked him where he learned such not nice words but of course I knew it was one of his saintly parents! Humility...

10. I live in fear of potty training our do you know when they are really ready?! How do you know that you are ready as a mom? Well for now, I live in fear of pee pee in the potty and will still be changing 3 booties all day!

Happy Monday friends!