Monday Confessions, Hurricane Style

As I write today, the wind and rain are beating against our home. We have all gotten up, showered, eaten and gotten as prepped as we can to welcome Sandy. It's funny at a time like this because fears, both rational and irrational surface. A lot of "what ifs" could become reality. It could all just be a big wet storm or something more serious could happen. If it does, we will face it when it comes. Otherwise, we are going to eat snacks, play "camping in the living room" and ride out the storm. 

Here goes the confessions...

1. For some reason I have really been missing my dad this week. I think no matter the earthly relationship a girl has with her dad, her sense of safety and security is wrapped a bit in him. My dad loved storms of all kinds. I think those were the times the awesomeness of creation touched him (and it also helped that it was always good for his Hardware business :) He loved the weather channel, watching it a naseum sometimes but we always had good chats about storms coming. He always had good advice about what to do too. Don't get me wrong, my hubby is prepped and ready, we are in good hands....but I am missing my dad too. 

2. We have so much junk food in this house that I am definitely likely to gain a few pounds in this endeavor. We not only made hurricane cupcakes but I made "hurricane mix" which is a slightly healthy trail mix minus the M & M's and candy corn added for color and fun! Not to mention the ice cream party we will have to save ice cream from melting if we need to unload a freezer :)

3. I am reading a really good easy, short read for moms right now. It's called Hope for the Weary Mom:Where God meets you in your mess, Amen?! No really, it's just an encouraging read threaded with truth and scripture. If you are a worn out mama and need some refreshment, download it for your kindle today! It also has discussion questions so it would be an easy thing to do with some girlfriends (if you could find a time and place without kiddos to chat :)  Here's an excerpt, “Right now, I have nothing to give. Nothing. Nada. I’m tired and don’t feel good and honestly, I want a break from everything. It’s not that I want to leave my family, trade them in, or get new ones. I WANT to be with them. I just want a break from hard hearts, discipline, correction. I want their hearts changed and I can’t do it myself. Sometimes, the knowledge of this makes me feel hopeless and helpless.” I am only half through but it's easy to pick up and put down, usually there's a good little nugget for me to ponder so I put it down for a bit...that and lots of reading time isn't easy to come by!

4. Hoping Sandy is bad enough I can stay in a couple days and get caught up on work, but good enough to leave us with eletricity! I was blessed with some great mini sessions this last weekend and couple other shoots to get caught up on. Fingers crossed...

5. Here's a few quick Hurricane pics if you aren't following me on instagram....caught this yesterday, will be sad to see the pretty leaves gone! A weather junkie friend told me these are mammatocumulus clouds that are signs of incoming violent weather. Isn't it crazy how the earth even gives us warnings?! God's creation is amazing. 

Here's the forecast from last night, we live right under the red line :) My buddy Rhonda gets the photo credit on this one!


See you all on the flip side friends! Stay safe out there!