Monday Confessions

I know, I know....all I have been doing is talking about how busy I am with photo, yet have not posted any photo since last week! I apologize, I am busy editing some beautiful shoots currently and hope to share them with you soon. On to this weeks confessions...

1. I am getting "hair boredom." Girls, you know what I mean. It usually requires a drastic change in color or length, I have been growing it for a while now so I like the longer length. This leads me to the color conversation and I am considering dabbling in red. Thoughts friends?

2. Do you ever see awesome websites on Pinterest, thinking you are going to get great deals on designer goods? Buyer beware, I came across two different sites last night that sold knock offs from China. I am not hating on China, but when you see the shipping alone is more than $20, it’s no bargain. After all, you don’t want to accidentally buys UGGZ or THOMs do you?!

3. I am considering making my own laundry detergent. I have heard of a lot of you ladies doing it and it doesn’t seem harder than a 6th grade science experiment. Basically I have to melt some stuff and follow directions, right?!

4. I made Paula Deen’s Smores Bars last night for our Sunday dinner with Matt’s family. Let me tell you, if you like smores, you need to make these!! Fairly easy and they go down great with a glass of milk! Yum! (I don’t think that these are on a diet though J An entire stick of butter is involved).

5. We are dealing with a sick kiddo in our house again. Poor Dean regularly gets respiratory issues and I think the crazy weather and season change isn’t helping. NO fun but thankful for modern meds!

6. I heart Reese’s cups. What types of candy will you most likely steal from your kids Halloween bags?!

7. I am loving Mumford and Sons lately. Their new album is super to work to, drive to, and I am sure a lot of other things! I don’t know about running…maybe too mellow for that! Check them out if you haven’t yet.

8. Speaking of running…we have broken up for months now and I look forward to the day we can get back together and go on a date.

9. Duck Dynasty is not disappointing this season! I admit, it does seem a little more “staged” or “set up” as to the activities but apparently all the commentary is just fresh off the cuff. I can’t stop laughing at most of the episodes either from the stupidity or commentary. One that made me laugh last week was Willie saying, “I just need to start dealing with people with real first names” after attempting to buy a car from a man named Squirrel. Who doesn’t think that’s funny?! And really, who doesn't love a show that ends with a bunch of Rednecks blowing up a truck?!

10. Many of you were asking about the Downton Abbey Season Three links. The link I had got taken down because it was being challenged on piracy. I totally get it, if we watch it now online, what will it do to PBS ratings in January?! Duh, we will all watch it again! Well anyhow, if you want to get British TV shows legally (Downton included), check out this site. Apparently if you like Downton, you will like the show Paradise too. Let me know if you check them out!

Hope you friends all have a wonderful week. I am off and running….