Tuesday Confessions

So I guess yesterday was technically a holiday but just a crazy Monday for me.

1. We did have some fun and take my Grandma to Chick Fila for her first time. You know it's my kids favorite place to eat so they wanted to share the fun with her :) I confess, we all got warm choc chip cookies to finish off our lunch! YUM!

2. Columbus Day is apparently not celebrated by Del Tech because I was supposed to have class. Well it turns out a fatal accident occured on Route 1 south bound and it took me almost an hour to go as I usually can in 15 minutes...needless to say, I never made it to class on time. I am sure my students cried all the way home from their early dismissal! Not...

3. Some of you might have seen Twitter but I am fairly certain I broke my toe on friday with a freak run in with my 3 year-olds Croc. I was in a parking lot and wanted to cry and yell bad words when it happened, but I refrained. I walked into to museum where I told my waiting friends that I think I just broke my toe. I am sure they thought I was being dramatic (who could blame them). I will spare you the pics but I sent pics to a friend who is a REAL doctor who confirmed it looked broken from the severe bruising (drama queen I might be, but liar I am not :)

4. Election Day....I have mixed feelings. I want it to be over with so we don't have to hear it anymore but at the same time, I am afraid for the outcome. My husband and I were chatting last night. The current minimum wage for an American is $7.25 hour. I just bought a gallon of milk at Walmart (tax free) last night for $4.19 and 64 ozs of Apple juice for $2.68. Those two things alone are $6.87 and we go through them almost daily with 3 small kids. What are famillies supposed to do? And don't even get me started on the price of gas. We need leaders who care what happens to the "average Joe's." 

5. Today's final confession,  I wish I was as good at real life makeup as I am at photoshop makeup! I can make people look gorgeous in photoshop but feel intimidated in Sephora :)

Have a great week friends!