Fun Family Session

Most photographers would be lying if they didn't say they loved fall! It's the best sort of warm light and beautiful colors. I had a great fall family session over the weekend and wanted to share it with you! I am just sharing a handful because I am very aware that this time of year, pictures are used for holiday cards and gifts (I don't like to steal the family's thunder). Eventhough I am a photographer and love how the internet connects the world, there's nothing like holding a real photo in your hands and I like to leave some of that joy for families to share!

 It helps that this family is seriously adorable and I loved photographing them! Their 3 year old son made me feel right at home talking about rocket ships and robots :) Happy viewing friends!


Pretty girls...

These two just celebrated 6 years of marriage and how would I know that? They got married the same exact day Matt and I did so it's easy to remember their anniversary :) You guys look great together!