Monday Confessions, Veterans Day Style

Pleasant and productive usually don't go in the same sentence as Monday for me, but today is an exception! It might be the almost 70 degree weather the week before Thanksgiving, but we are having a good day. What have  we done today, you ask?

Free Iced coffee at Dunkin, then to Walmart for haircuts for the boys and a few odds and ends. The kids were so good in Walmart, I decided to take them to the park to play after. We enjoyed time at the park and then came home for lunch...all that and it's not quite noon :) Whew...

I confess...

1. I do enjoy it when my kids cooperate and we can actually ENJOY a day together instead of enduring a day together!

2. Free Iced Coffee tastes even sweeter :)

3. I have already done a load of dishes and two loads of laundry..don't be too impressed, they're awaiting unloading and folding!

4. I am holding an online 31 party for any of you who might want to get some Christmas gifts! Go here if you want to browse. Adorable gifts and the special this month is a very cute snowman print medium utility tote for $5 with any $35 purchase :) I wanted to do a party in person but the schedule proved too difficult. The good news is, friends near and far can participate!

5. I am sporting a new pair of Lucky Jeans. I love the fit, wash and the stretch of the jeans. The best part, they were $12.99 at Rugged Wearhouse instead of $99 at the mall. You know I love a deal! 

6. Speaking of deals, the hubby and I got a great jumpstart on our Christmas shopping over the weekend. This is very unlike us to be so ahead of the game but we went on a dinner and shopping date. We enjoyed it so much! if you missed the  memo, the Disney Store is %25 off everything through midnight tonight, so maybe you can get some gifts too?!

7. What's on your Christmas list this year friends? I am having a hard time coming up with ideas, most likely because I have everything I need and lots of things I want!

8. Matt got this shot of me and the twins yesterday after church :)

9. A real confession...I actually picked up a crushed Coke can from the Walmart parking lot today. Why you ask? To try to demonstrate to kids not to be a litter bug and also aluminum will get you a high price for recycling (My hubby works at Newark Recylcing and has opened my eyes to the value of scrap metals!). If you totally discount everything I ever say anymore after this wacky fact...I can't blame you :)

10. Happy Veterans Day! The kids and I thanked some local veterans today that were set up at Walmart. I was really wishing I had time to sit down and hear their stories....the WWII Vets are a dying generation and their storeis are amazing! I also want to teach my kids to be thankful for the armed service men and women in our country. Despite our current political dividedness at times, we all must stand behind them! A sweet lady veteran gave them American flags to wave :)

Whether you're working or off today, may you enjoy your day!