Monday Confessions

It's already Monday again and you know what that means....time to confess!!

1. I have been playing Pandora online "Peaceful Holidays" station for days already. It is fabulous and truly peaceful!

2. Got to take the kids to the Christmas parade our town was having over the weekend. I know, I know, it's not even Decemeber yet! I thought that this shot was priceless...


3. We had a play date with some friends today! It reminded me of many things to be thankful for! Three of these little cuties spent time in the NICU after birth, which just reminds me of their delicacy and preciousness. Thankful for friends who are willing to bring their kids over to my crazy house :) True story, found a sippy cup of curdled milk under the couch while we had company. I know, we run a posh operation around here! haha!


4. Black Friday, what are you after? What deals are happening? I disagree with places like Target opening at 9pm on Thanksgiving. I am sure you have all seen this e-card floating around? The sentiment is so true! So Target, let your employees finish out their Thanksgiving with family, dessert and games like we will be doing! 


5. I got fleece lined tights from zulily...amazing.

6. Quotable kids book - Dean needs this so I don't forget all the hilarious things he says each day. Even just today while he was looking at a baby's bald head he said, "It's like Poppop's, all the hair fell off!" He was talking about my bald father in law :)

7. We are in need of groceries and I am avoiding due to Thanksgiving madness. Might sneak over there tonight and just grab some essentials to survive until Thursday...then we can rely on left overs. I love it!

8. My 31 Gifts party is on until Weds if you're interested in any products! Go here to check it out. 


Thankfulness...gratituted truly can change your perspective and certainly your attitude! Trying myself to be grateful for things and not to complain. It's definitely easier said than done! Have a great Thanksgiving week!