The Winner is... (& a few Monday Crush Confessions)

Let me just say that you all made the engagement contest a fierce competition! I love that our couples were so involved and got friends to participate! I loved watching the over 600 votes literally from all over the world and even the occassional comment in Dutch (Sara & Aron, I will need a translation for those :)! This just proves that I have the best clients! I also have to say that I just loved getting to hear each couples love story. There is something about hearing how two people were brought together that always gets me! I wish each couple the very best with their engagement and wedding day!

This brings me to the part you want to know, which is that the winners are Nikki and Danny from Delaware. Congrats you too! Can't wait until our session!


Thought that this might be perfect for the next installment of my CRUSH CONFESSIONS, since we are talking about love and all! 

1. I have a crush on traveling to be with other photographers! I am a bit jealous of all the cool kid photographers headed to WPPI in Vegas this week! I vow that when I don't have a child less than a year old or I am not prego, I will go :) Lets cross our fingers for next year! (No prego comments please :) 

2. I have a girl crush on Adele. Seriously, who doesn't? I also have a crush on piano music. Wish someone would've made me learn to tap those ivories, I really love it!

3. I have a crush on the sun! It apparently will be visiting us a lot this week and almost 60 degree weather is in the forecast. In February in DE that is major!

4. Hawaii-five-WHO?! My Alex O'Laughlin crush has been majorly replaced by Colby from Top Shot. I think I might have drooled watching it with the hubs last night. I know, that's not even right! I think there's just something about a man with aviators & a weapon (as long as it's not pointed at you of course)! It also made me want to go target shooting, all peoples gun & moral issues aside, shooting is a GREAT SPORT! Apparently, Colby was a runner up on Survivor in Australia, I haven't seen a season of Survivor since the very first one, but I guess I was missing out!

In case you don't know who I am talking about, 

5. My smut TV crush, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!! They might "have it all" but reminds me how that doesn't always add up to much without love and family! You can still have major issues in your size 2 designer dress and Louboutin heels. You do start to get favorites and root for certain people. I even follow a few of them on twitter to see what they are up to...don't hate :)