Monday Confessions

Here we go!!!!!!

1. I ate at McDonald's yesterday with Macy for a lunch date and it was the cutest thing. I forgot how much kids LOVE McD's and lets be honest, it does taste good people! Millions can't be wrong! I totally ate a Quarter Pounder with cheese and topped it off with sharing a Shamrock Shake with my girl! I know, I know, it's not healthy at all but it was DELICIOUS and she was lovin' it :)

2. Sometimes I SWEAR big earrings make everything better. Like today for instance, met a friend at the park to let kiddos run. The outfit of choice for me was yoga pants, a t-shirt/sweatshirt combo under a pink north face fleece. I had the prerequisite pony tail, big sunglasses and yes, large hoop earrings. I swear the hoops distracted from the rest of the hot mess! Sometimes it really just does make things better. I had a couple girlfriends in high school that even carried "back up earrings" in their backpacks or purses in case something happened to the first pair!

3. So how about those Oscars? I caught some highlights but was so tired I had to hit the hay. I hadn't seen a lot of the movies because I no longer really get out to movies so it was a little less exciting for me. I loved the movie the Help, so it was exciting to see Octavia Spencer win for supporting actress! She definitely brought Minny to life!

4. Our pastor preached a really good/convicting sermon on marriage yesterday. I am still mulling it all over in my head. He didn't necessarily say anything I hadn't heard before but it was the way that I think I heard it. He really contrasted what both the world says about marriage and what the Bible says about marriage. He said the problem with the world is that it tries to base marriage on two fleeting things, love and attraction. If it sounds heretical, listen to the rest of the sermon, lots of good challenges to consider! (

5. You know it's a good day when you try on a pair of pants that hasn't fit since before the pregnancy of your last child. Amen to weightloss! Although, I wish you could direct where the weight came from! I will spare the details of this but ladies you know what I am talking about!

6. Preschool, who knew it was such a big deal. There's a school we really wanted to get the twins in and found out today that there were only 5 avaialable spots. We are number 20 on the waiting list. Yes, if you are doing the math with me, we need a miracle. We need only 3 families out of 15 to want to send their kids there. I am confident though, that the twins will end up where God wants them. (If you know of great preschool options in the Middletown, DE area, comment or email!)

7. Have you ventured onto the site Goodreads yet? I am still new to it but it's pretty cool for those of us with the inner geek! You join your friends and review books, create lists of books you want to read, etc. I think it's a fantastic idea too just to keep a log of what you have read. 

8. Ok so I am going to out my husband, he thinks most of our government is a conspiracy and is pretty sure some crazy kind of disaster (natural or otherwise) could potentially knock out our infrastructure. You laugh and so do I, but now there are others coming out of the wood work who think the same! Now, let me just say we don't have a big stash or a bomb shelter or anything. Have you seen the new show Doomsday Preppers? These people give me new things to be afraid of! They intensely "prep" for the coming end of the world in various forms. I laugh and the hubby says things like "you wouldn't laugh if something really happened." He's wearing me if you see a large food stash starting in our garage you can either know that he won the argument or I got really great at super couponing! I see a new show coming...Super Couponing Doomsday Preppers.... :) 

9. Who has watched Downtown Abbey from PBS? I have been hearing lots of chatter about it and want to check it out. I hear it's on Hulu and Netflix (neither of which I am subscribed to). Is it worth it friends?!

10. SO ready for spring! Loving the mild weather and sunshine today!

Ok that's enough for today, I have talked your ear off! Have a great week and see you back here Monday, if not before of course!