Monday Confessions

Hi friends, how can it be Monday again?! I realize it's been a while since I posted some photo work. Things have been picking up after winter season and I just worked my tail off this past weekend so there will be some posts to come!

1. I do not recommend doing an Insanity workout and then photographing a wedding in the same 8 hours. It was not good for my feet! I did make a new friend though and thoroughly enjoyed assisting Mary Kate from Kate's Lens over the weekend! Got to be a part of a great wedding at the DCCA

2. If you see Reese's Peices candy eggs in the Easter candy aisle, run the other way...I am fighting the addiction right now!

3. I owe an apology to my husband. In an attempt to help him clear out a few old files in his email, I clicked something that has actually done the opposite. All of his old trash emails are being raised from the dead and re-filling his bad bad!

4. I found a gem on TLC last night. Have any of you seen Leave it to Niecy yet?! It's the current life of Neicy Nash with her new husband, mother, and 4 teenagers living under one roof. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. The episode I saw was a trip to the mountains for some family bonding, technology free. To give you a taste, there were one-liners like, "If you see a black person in the snow, they are lost" or "If all else fails, hold on to your weave" ...if you aren't laughing already, something is wrong with you :) 

5. Tonight's lesson in my class is food photography. It's a fine art all unto itself. If you have ever tried it, you know it's harder than it looks! For a non-traditional twist on food art, you should check out the work of Carl Warner. It's amazing, will be sharing it tonight!

6. I want to hear from you, what's your favorite album you are listening to right now? Always want to hear good stuff!

Ok friends, I know it's a short one but lots of ground to cover before class tonight! Have a great week!