Monday Confessions

Welcome to beginning of the week people. How you doing?

1. We are starting week two of the Insanity workouts at our house this week. They are insane but no joke after only a week of doing it, I feel better already. I don't get as easily winded and it's definitely helping my strength. I still need a plastic surgery to undo the damage my kids did but at least I am doing something about it :) 

2. I dig chevron pattern. I know it can be overdone, but done in the right proportions it's great. It's one part Charlie Brown and one part awesomesauce! In case you have no idea, see below!

3. Other things I am loving right now? The Louis XIV Ghost arm chair. Clear, plastic things aren't usually my friends but these intrigue me. They are great design that doesn't take up heavy visual space. (And I could hose it off after my kids :) Industrial chairs are calling me too, maybe for those same indestructible reasons. I love these. 

4. I walked down the Easter candy aisle this past weekend to get some goodies for the kids Easter baskets and I had to fully resist the urge to throw Cadbury eggs in my cart! I know they are either a love or hate them type candy but I LOVE them...will power prevailed!

5. It's crazy windy here today and our umbrella took flight from our patio table, somehow smashing it's glass into a thousand peices. We were toying with the idea of replacing it but now I guess we don't have a choice and surely have a whole lot of glass to clean up! 

6. I would like to say those of you debating about a family photo session and it's value. Exactly two years ago we scheduled a session with a photographer I respect and love her work. Rae Barnes did a gorgeous family session for us! You might remember this priceless images of our family...


I can't even believe the twins were the age that Max is now. You never know how fast your kids will grow or how your family will change. I will treasure these forever and they validate the fact that you should invest in a photographer who can capture your family as you are. Rae did a wonderful job and I fully recommend her!

We have a family portrait session scheduled in the middle of April with another photographer team we love to capture our family two years later. It's important to create you family's visual history and I am trying to practice what I preach! Now what to wear....

7. I have a landscape crush. Have you ever seen the work of Brook Klausing and team? If not, take a few to check it out. They work in NYC creating amazing landscapes/roofscapes, you name it! Even if you are not a landscape or gardener type, sometimes it's just good to look for creative inspiration in other places - check it out.

8. Almost forgot - I saw the Hunger Games on Saturday night - Thanks to the hubs and Grandparents! I thought it was a great rendition of the story and I enjoyed seeing some of it come to life. What did you think, those of you who got the chance to see it?! 

Alright friends...need to scoot! Class tonight...only 6 weeks left of the semester! (not that I am counting, wink wink!)