Monday Confessions

    It definitely feels like Monday, I started it by washing a (clean) diaper in with the load. The diaper "guts" got all over and that load needed a re-do. I think though that I am mostly just weary. Days with three small kids in the house seem like it would be sweet and they sometimes are, but other days feel like a battle field. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful for three happy, healthy kids. I have some friends who are fighting much harder battles and it sometimes makes me feel guilty for struggling with being a good mom/wife. Anyone else know what I mean? If someone is fighting cancer, I certainly shouldn't complain about potty training, but what I am learning is that it does all matter! It truly is hard to try to potty train two kids under 3 while chasing a crawling 10 month old. God cares just as much for the struggling mother and he does for the cancer patient. It's certainly not all the same severity, I don't mean that, I just mean that our burdens are real and God sees. I am just like every other mom with small kids at home with piles of laundry, dishes to wash, meals to make, a business to run, a class to teach, a husband to love and the list goes on. Today I am just going to do one thing at a time....and smile because I can wear yoga pants while doing it all...until class later (do you think they would notice?!)

The rest of my confessions...

1. I am not a fan of potty training but I am a fan of trying to encourage my kids to grow! It's time for them to tackle the potty for lots of reasons. I need to be a patient encourager but today I have been more of an impatient eye-roller....forgive me kids!

2. I have mastered the art of "second day hair" - ladies, you know what I am talking about?! You do a fast hop in the shower with your hair up and hope it only gets slightly wet. Then when you get out, just use your round brush to reshape with the blow dryer. Saves tons of time from washing every single day!

3. We are 21 days out from our Disney trip, really can't wait! Any special things we should make sure to do?

4. I DVR'd the Real Housewives of NJ last night...debating if I should really watch it or not. I know it's terrible, but it's a lot like a train wreck, once you see if you can't turn your head away! And all their drama proves money can't buy class or happiness!

5. I am a Keurig addict. I am a current fan of the original Dunkin Donuts coffee and also the iced sweet tea. What are some other good ones I should try???

6. We got a swing set from a kind family over the weekend!!! Our kids are in heaven but of course it's been rainining since we got it up :) Macy loving her new swing!



Ok friends, I kept it humble today. If I look like a frazzled mess the next time you see me, you know why!