Weaver Family

Say it ain't so, an actual photography post?! I know friends, I know. I am WAY overdue!

Fortunately I have a beautiful family to share with you, the Weavers. They happen to be a part of our own extended family and they have a wonderful story. There are six kids in their family, two of which God brought to them through adoption. Being family, we have had the privilege of watching their story unfold. Mr. Weaver is a pastor at a local church and one day years back, a picture of a little boy in a orphanage in Ukraine landed on his desk. He was asked to pray about a family for this little boy...fast forward years ahead and Roman is indeed their oldest son! There is so much more to this story, it is in fact quite a God-sized tale that I can't fit it into a blog post! I do know though that this family is quick to share of God's grace to them. We got together over their kids spring break on a crazy WINDY day and made the most of it! Here goes...


 The whole gang...

They had their furry family members along too, Roscoe and Daisy!

The wind on the lane is very evident here but still love this shot.

We might reshoot this beautiful location on a non-windy day :)