Monday Confessions

If your purse is any indication of how your life is going...mine is going crazy! I have snacks, used nasty tissues, a sewing kit, crumbs, coins, hand sanitizer, coupons and all other types of craziness going on in there. It has been a long week since I last posted...

1. You might have heard I was ill. Not like a sniffle and a headache ill but the "I am pretty sure I am dying of spanish influenza or sars or swine flu or something awful" type ill! I have not been sick like that for a long time and it got me down and out for 3 days. It changed all of our weekend plans. I have to give three cheers for my husband for holding it all together and for my kids attempting to be good :) I don't wish that on anyone...

2. That sickness kept me home from church on Easter, which was no fun for me. I always look forward to going to service but especially on Easter and the weeks leading up to it. I have fond memories of Easters as a kid so I wanted to be good about recreating that for my kids. I am glad though that my family and God understand why I couldn't be there to worship! I did at least feel better to eat Easter dinner and for that I am very thankful!

3. I have been working on creating a photo book for Max of his first year. I got the idea a couple weeks ago and although I am sure many have done it before me, it seemed like a nice way to tell our third child "hey, we do remember your first year!" I was glad to have 12 weeks worth of his weekly photos. Although it didn't last past his first three months, I am so glad we made it that far and can show him that as he grows up. It was definitely already sentimental putting that little book together, watching my kiddos grow up through pictures. It was also then that I was convicted to GET IN MORE PICTURES WITH MY KIDS! I know I am photographer myself but it is not an excuse to stay behind the camera, I am visually absent from the twins entire second birthday party! That's a crime!

4. I have a new music crush...Bon Iver. You can find him among the indie folk crowd, he hails from Wisconsin and rocks a beard. I am digging his sound!

5. I am currently addicted to the color combination of navy and yellow as can be seen by some of my Pinterest boards. 

6. Speaking of Pinterest, I know it is really an online inspiration board and like one big fat bookmark for all those things you wish you could remember online, but who knew it would be so good for a laugh? Some of my current favs, please don't judge my maturity level....


7. I love to throw stuff out. Is that a problem? I know it's not green code like reduce, reuse, and recycle. I don't mean that I love to junk up the earth, I just like to declutter my own environment. I love when things get tossed and I feel a few less peices of detritis hanging around!

8. I also like saving money on gas. In our area right now if you shop at Giant Foods, you earn points towards getting money off your gas. I got 50 cents off PER GALLON today at the local Shell because of my Giant Foods card! Makes a big difference!

Ok friends, that's all I have for tonight....see you again next Monday! Hope to get some photography posted this week, fingers crossed that stars align and illness fades...have a great week!