Monday Confessions

Why are Mondays so crazy sometimes?! Today's crazy includes temperatures in the high 80's in APRIL! Nuts!

1. I have discovered the true version of the Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants...there is this magical jegging from Maurices! A friend led me to them and I am addicted! They are stylish and comfy, as well as affordable! I just ordered a second pair due to their awesomeness. If you want to check them out, go here

2. I am not a fan of noisy dogs, especially at nap time. Do any of you have experience with dealing with neighbors with noisy dogs?! I have my own dog but he barks so rarely. 

3. Changing your address on everything is a pain when you move...just saying.

4. I tried eyebrow threading! Have you seen this?! I was at the mall and needed my eyebrows done before our family photo shoot last week so I took the chance. I  about swore a lady was taking a razor to my face when she did it, but the overall look in the end was good!

5. We are starting to talk about what to pack for our trip to Disney next month. I want to hear it for the best shoes to wear to amusement parks. Anyone out there got good ideas? Need to be comfy and durable yet not too hot. What do you think?!

Ok friends, got to run to class in a few. Only 3 classes left to teach this semester and I am as excited as the students!