Monday Confessions!

I am dealing with a bit of a migraine today which makes it feel like Monday! I think it feels especially like Monday because we had a fun weekend that we didn't want to end. Ever feel like that? Saturday we celebrated my step-dad's 50th birthday with all the family and then we took the kids to see Brave later that evening. We also decided to take a last minute beach trip for the day on Sunday when we realized that July was creeping up on us and we hadn't put toes on the sand yet! Needless to say, we packed in so much fun that we didn't want Monday to come! But Monday it is so here I confess...

If you didn't catch these on instagram, here you go!

1. One kid was up at 1am scared of a thunderstorm and antoher kid was up at 4:45am telling me "I not tired Mommy." And you wonder why the migraine? :)

2. We had a successful errand run this morning that included our old 'hood for me to refresh my hydrangea stash, the car wash to get the sand out of the van, the bank, and then the dreaded grocery store. I have to say though, today's grocery run was a lot better than last week. I confess that last week in the bread aisle I threatened to just leave my kids there and walk away. I know, it's not pretty side of me is it? If you've ever had preschoolers with you "helping" in the grocery store, you know why I did what I did. Thank goodness we get fresh starts every day! 

3. Today I was supposed to get up at 6am to go for a run because for the past few Mondays it was supposed to be "the day" when I started a running regimen again. Well if you remember confession number 1, it didn't happen because I was too tired to open my eyes. I have not been doing consistent exercise since Easter and I just don't like how I feel when I don't work out. Mind you, most of my day is full of physcial activity like walking, running up stairs, lifting kids, pushing strollers, etc but it's just not the same. 

4. I havea  love hate relationship with my dog. I love him but hate his dirt. Anyone else deal with this? We are in full shed season right now and I am not a fan. I got a nifty tool at Target to help with the shedding but nothing stops it completely. 

5. And speaking of animals, we have birds attacking our play set with poop. We bought a fake owl, Hootie the kids named him, to try to keep away the pooping birdies but so far it's not doing the trick. Any ideas?

6. This morning, while Max was napping, I was cleaning out some trash from the van and accidentally set the alarm off. Full swing flashing lights, honking horn and going crazy underneath his window. The best part?! I couldn't get it to stop for what felt like an eternity as I hit the buttons!! Embarassing....

7. I cleaned out my Dyson today. I have to say I am truly disgusted at what gets sucked up in the vacuum. I guess I should be happy because it's not on my rug anymore but really, it's gross. Giving the vacuum a good clean out is a good thing to do every 6 months or so to keep it sucking! :)

8. What summer TV are you into? We are struggling to find things we can watch together and both enjoy now that Duck Dynasty is on hiatus. We did hear that there will be season two! Hooray!

9. Remember the album from Jenny & Tyler that featured some of my work? I was excited to see it in the review section as I flipped through this month's Relevant Magazine. 

Don't you think grocery stores should offer free babysitting in a play yard like IKEA? If anyone ever offered that, they would instantly become the top grocery store around!

Happy Monday friends! There will be wedding blogging this week, cross my heart!