Monday Confessions, Please Touch Museum Edition

Let me tell you how my day started...

Macy ran into our room and to my side of the bed at 5:45am and declared that "Dean is outside." Without my wits about me or my contacts in, I grabbed my glasses and ran for the front door. I unlocked it and flew out front yelling Dean. I didn't see him and Macy said "outback," so I ran there too and yelled. Meanwhile Matt ran up to their room and checked the windows. After Matt running back to tell me that the window screens were still in place...still no Dean. Matt then went back up to the kids room and Dean popped up from under the covers saying "Daddy?!" He was sleeping under his covers all along and I was having a near adrenaline attack. 

The reason I was so quick to believe that he was outside is that he both is a great escape artist and the last thing I said to Matt before we fell asleep was "do you think it's ok to keep the kids windows cracked tonight?" It was a gorgeous cool night and who wants to pay for air conditioning?! Our kids rooms are second story so it does scare me that they could go out but it's less likely that someone else could get in. How do the rest of you deal with tihs? We love to get fresh air while sleeping when it's nice out but after that I might rethink it!

Whew...well after no one going back to sleep after that, we started our day. We had already planned an adventure to the Please Touch Museum in Philaladeplhia for the day. We had a great time and the kids came home worn out! 

That's all the confessions I have today!

Here are some randoms from our outting...(All pics of Dean were blurry due to constant motion :)

 Macy and the mini piano...

Macy as Lady Liberty...

Funny faces out in front of the sign!