Monday Confessions...things I am bad at

You ever heard that if you go into a job interview and you are asked for "weaknesses" that you should turn it around and call them "growth areas." Today I think it will be a true confession, I am going to share my "growth areas".... the things that I am totally bad at. 

1. Driving...used to think I was awesome and now I am not so sure. Although my kids just yesterday told Daddy they wanted Mommy to drive after church, it was hilarious! I only have ever had one accident in my adult life, totally rear-ended someone at a red light due to very sudden stopping. I also have only ever gotten pulled over once while driving (been pulled over lots with other people driving) because I 'rocked the stop' at the stop sign in our old 'hood. The words "courtesy warning" never sounded so good to me before then and I definitely stop at stop signs now. 

2. Laundry...I do it constantly but I am not one of those people who can whip a stain out of anything or keep those whites so bright you need sunglasses. If spray on stain remover doesn't get it out, we are in trouble. I am ok with the washing and folding but man I am also bad about putting it away....this brings me to my next confesssion...

3. Ironing...have you ever accidentally put more wrinkles in something you were trying to iron because of lack of ironing skill? This is me! My husband wears the ironing crown in this house, he has skills so I defer to him.

4. Growing plants...although I am testing this now because I just potted some tomato plants in a large container garden this weekend. The only things I can keep alive inside are the green IKEA plants that have some magic genomes that keep those things living in spite of my best efforts to let them die. 

5. Organizing...I used to love to organize but that's when life was neater for me in general. Organizing meant throwing out some old papers or rearranging the shoes in my own closet. Now with 3 kids still under 3, organizing sounds like a dirty word. It's all I can do to keep people dressed and fed sometimes, organizing sounds like something I can do another time :)

6. Letting go...I sometimes fiercely hold on to things I should've long let go of. This can be both literal (I have a trunk full of treasures from when I was a kid - no joke) but it can also be emotional. I do tend to hold on to things and need to get better at letting go. I think that this can even happen when I fail to delegate things well to people who are totally capable. Sometimes I just need to let go and allow others to step in, afterall I am admitting that I am not so great at many things!

7. Being patient..I am terribly impatient. This is not good for parenthood and most other endeavors. I know that patience is a necessary life skill and at 30, I am definitely still working on it. It can be anything from me starting to mentally curse the 5 cars ahead of me in the starbucks drive through down to not wanting to telling my kids to hurry up when they are daudling. I know, I know, it's not very attractive to be so impatient and God even says it's a fruit of the spirit. I am definitely praying that this fruit grows in me!

8. Irresting chocolate or sweets...I am very bad at saying no to these temptations! I always tell myself life is short but then what do I tell my waistline? :)

Ok friends, now you know what I don't pass the test at. What are some of your "growth areas" today?! Next week I might have to pick my self esteem back up and share a few things that I might have mastered...

Here's a pic from sweet Max's birthday cake eating last week in the 90 degree heat!

Max & Mommy.. 



Have a great week!